History of the Evelyn Trust

History of The Evelyn Trust

Cover of 'A wonderful thing for Cambridge – the Evelyn Hospital 1921 to 2003’, written by Sheila Mann.

The Evelyn Trust was established as a charity in 1920, when it owned and managed The Evelyn Hospital in Cambridge.

In 2003 the Trust sold the hospital and invested the funds to support “the relief of sickness, the preservation and protection of health for the public benefit and the promotion of medical research and education within the City of Cambridge, the University of Cambridge or Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge or otherwise in the surrounding areas.”

A history of the hospital was published in 2005. ‘A wonderful thing for Cambridge – The Evelyn Hospital 1921 to 2003’, was written by Sheila Mann.

About the author

Sheila Mann trained at as a nurse at University College Hospital, London and then worked at Addenbrooke’s. She also studied at the University of Essex for a BA in the history of art and an MA in the history and theory of architecture. She worked as an agency nurse in her holidays and was returned to her original profession working at the Evelyn Hospital. She was inspired to write a history of the hospital after discovering the complete and untapped archive in the Hospital’s attics.

About the book

A well-known and well-loved local institution, the Evelyn Nursing Home was founded in 1921 by C Morland Agnew as a consequence of his wife Evelyn having undergone an unpleasant stay in another Cambridge nursing home.

For many years the only Cambridge nursing home to possess an operating theatre, the Evelyn also opened its doors to medical, maternity and psychiatric patients and to residents. Following an ambitious programme of modernisation and development instigated by Morland Agnew’s grandson Julian Agnew in 1974, the Evelyn decided to specialise in the care of acute medical and surgical cases – a programme for which it was well equipped, thanks to its close ties with Addenbrooke’s Hospital and with the Cambridge medical fraternity.

In 1983 it was renamed The Evelyn Hospital as a reflection of its new status. Further developments in the 1980s and 1990s allowed it to establish itself as a busy acute private hospital with a reputation for high standards of medical and nursing care. However, the problems of running a standalone hospital in the changed environment of private medical care in the twenty-first century were considerable, and in order to ensure its continuing future, the hospital was sold to the Nuffield Hospitals Group in 2003.

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