Jeremy Newsum

Jeremy Newsum


‘Googling’ someone before you meet them is, of course, standard practice and a quick way to generate a few topics of conversation. The mountain of search results can sometimes be lacking in solid content, but that’s certainly not the case when you google Jeremy Newsum, a relatively new recruit to the Evelyn Trust’s Board of Trustees. The top results focus on a career in national and international property, but scrolling down reveals a reputation as a ‘thought leader’ and founder member of Cambridge Ahead, the business collaborative advising local and national government on the optimum conditions for the growth of Cambridge. Jeremy has also been a member of the Council of Imperial College, London and for several years was a Church Commissioner, advising on the investments of the Church of England. His ‘third sector’ credentials are equally impressive, including time as a trustee of both the Westminster Foundation and LandAid, the property industry’s charity for disadvantaged children and young people. 

Jeremy has been energetic and influential in many organisations and causes and, from a Cambridge point of view, has certainly been one of the ‘movers and shakers’, with several decades of contribution as a business leader, and a key player in the property industry both locally and in the capital.

In 2016 Jeremy retired as a much-respected Executive Trustee of the Grosvenor Estate, one of the largest privately-owned property businesses in the world. 

“When you work for a business like Grosvenor, you begin to think and plan with a view to the very long term. Grosvenor considers the possible position decades ahead, it’s not only about maximising the value of their assets today. That approach inevitably involves supporting and liaising with communities to help ensure that the neighbourhoods of our town and cities are great places to live and work way into the future. This taught me that there should be close bonds between business and the community, so now as I retire from my business career, it’s natural for me to focus more on my local community in Cambridgeshire and consider how I might help. That’s why I am delighted to become a trustee and share my experience in such a worthwhile cause,” explains Jeremy.

Jeremy’s support for the long term view chimes well with the Evelyn Trust’s objectives. “On the medical side, for example, we aim to support researchers who have great potential, who might uncover the ‘next big thing’ in medical breakthroughs. With our support today, they can be the stars of medical science tomorrow, which is an immensely satisfying thought. Our grant funding for health and well being projects is also about making interventions now which in the long term will help prevent ill health and improve resilience in our poorest communities locally.”

Jeremy’s career has been driven by his energy and enthusiasm for such a wide field of interests, that it’s no surprise to hear he’s also a keen sportsman, today enjoying real tennis and cycling, while watching others now play rugby and cricket; moreover, he has his sights set on improving his skills as a writer and trying his hand as an artist. “I’m keen that my career keeps evolving. The same is true for the Evelyn Trust: our work will evolve to meet changing needs and as the trustees around the table take the charity in new directions. That’s as it should be.”