A decade of progress and achievement

A decade of progress and achievement

Will Dawkins

Will DawkinsSome thoughts from our outgoing Chairman, Will Dawkins

“It’s been ten years since I took over from the redoubtable Bob Bradfield and as I look back I can see enormous improvements in the Trust’s way of working and, critically, in its impact. We can now genuinely say that we operate across the whole ‘lifecycle’ of health and well being, from the research lab to the support of individuals in the community. I’ve been honoured to work with such a talented Board of Trustees, who have been so generous with their time and expertise.

“I’m extremely proud of our achievements in medical research – we have certainly backed some winners! There are too many to mention here, but our greatest impact will come from research we have funded into conditions that affect countless millions worldwide, including dementia, HIV, traumatic brain injury, oesophageal cancer and life-threatening allergies.

“In health and well being, our impact has, of course, been more local and on a smaller scale, but we have filled gaps in service by funding unique projects that have helped individuals and families across the county.

“At the heart of all this great work has been Bill Pike, our former Charity Director and his wife Gill. Bill has retired as a Trustee this year, but in many ways he and Gill have transformed the trust, building our visibility and profile and behind the scenes devising professional and efficient processes. Our sincere thanks go to Bill and Gill, plus to Julia Squier who has also just retired as a Trustee. Julia’s commitment to the Trust over more than 25 years has been exceptional and her advice on projects in the community has been invaluable.

“My personal thanks also go to Jeremy Newsum for agreeing to become the next Chairman. Jeremy will bring a fresh approach, but will also provide beneficial continuity and I know that he will lead the Trust through the challenges of coming years to even greater success and wider impact.”

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